Real World Evidence Trials

The Initium team has an established track record of establishing a culture of innovation in health systems and their research operations and partnering with innovators and start-ups to design scientifically rigorous pilots and test products.

The hospital systems that will fully leverage the future of research will be the ones that can cultivate a culture of innovation. This will require making a shift towards a more entrepreneurial mindset. The innovators and entrepreneurs who often prevail are the ones who can facilitate the concept that failure teaches more than success. In order to do this, the organization must facilitate safe brainstorming, risk-taking and the ability to nimbly pivot as needed — not common attributes for most health systems.

As a start health systems must take an active role in bridging the gap between themselves and startups.

Part of the reason for startups’ lack of success in health care is their inexperience in successfully navigating the health care bureaucracy.

The health system challenge to cultivate a culture of innovation and the startup inexperience dealing with health system bureaucracy create the opportunity for a symbiotic relationship between the two. Research is a place where the two can meet in the middle and find success. Health systems can help startups design scientifically rigorous pilot programs to prove that the product does what it says it does, in a safe and ethical manner. If incentives are aligned correctly from the very start of the engagement, this can be a way for the startup to gain a customer and for the health system to ensure that the product fits its needs by refining along the way and putting the technology into a position where it can be scaled across the system when ready.

This can be thought of as a mutual mentoring relationship between a creative, T-shirt-wearing millennial and a seasoned, suit-wearing healthcare executive. The health system learns to act more innovatively, designing interventions and leveraging data with the end-user in mind, and the startup learns how to drive outcomes within a health system.

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Real World Evidence Trials – We worked with a locking pill bottle (LPB) company to show patient, financial and operational benefits of prescribing opioids in an of LPB to prevent pill theft and change policy.


Culture of Innovation – We worked with a health system to help them develop a systematic approach with a single point of entry for local innovators and the tech community to partner with health system on innovation.