Our Pandemic Response

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the world saw a need for affordable, available personal protective equipment. As a Public Benefit Company dedicated to improving human health, we knew we could leverage our expertise for the common good. We shifted our priorities and developed an innovative supply chain to get high-quality, affordable PPE in the hands of the front line healthcare workers who so desperately needed it. Plus, we’ve invested heavily in equipment to ramp up the capacity to get more PPE to the market, which also helps drive down cost.


Humanitarian Campaign

Masks for the people

is a humanitarian effort to address the lack of preventive care and resources being made available to our loved ones in jails, urban neighborhoods and poor rural communities. Every $10,000 dollars creates up to 5,000 kits that include masks, hand sanitizer, garments, PPE, etc.

Our goal is to raise capital to sustain a supply chain of these needed supplies.

100% of all donations will go to support providing FREE masks, and hand sanitizer for our currently incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, violence interrupters, essential workers, elderly in our community and most vulnerable black and brown loved ones in urban neighborhoods and rural communities.

Dispense Health

Although the pandemic is starting to wane, we know the need for Personal Protective Equipment and healthcare consulting services will continue to increase. Dispense Health is uniquely positioned to source and supply PPE.  We have leveraged our business relationships throughout the world and our pharmaceutical expertise to effectively procure high-quality sanitizer, masks, gloves and other PPE at affordable costs. At Dispense Health, we are dedicated to providing the best individual customer experience possible while improving public health as a whole.

Miami Dolphins

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