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CrisisGPO provides a consortium for health facilities and corporations across the nation to work together to gain savings on critical PPE supplies. No facility or practice is too large or too small. There is no membership required to shop the CrisisGPO store but members will have access to pre-negotiated contracts for large volume orders. Click here to learn more about becoming a member.

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Our gel hand sanitizer is manufactured using USP grade ingredients with the addition of lake and Vitamin E to leave your hands soft and moisturizer. Our gel sanitizer comes scented or unscented.

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Due to the global pandemic, the nation saw a rise in large resellers hoarding any stock of sanitizer that they could buy so that in many cases they could price gauge consumers and make huge profits. As a Public Benefit Company dedicated to improving human health, we have taken a different approach and are determined to bring the highest quality product to the market at a low cost. In addition, we are investing heavily in equipment to ramp up the capacity to get more sanitizer to the market, which also helps drive down cost. Our unscented medical grade hand rub offers great value in a time of great need. Our products has 75% isopropyl alcohol and meets the FDA, CDC and WHO guidelines for compounding alcohol-based hand sanitizers for this public health emergency.

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