Strategic Positioning & Branding

Businesses competing in today’s ever-evolving health care arena must differentiate and distinguish themselves from the crowd. Successful strategic positioning goes well beyond creating a logo or web site for your company, although we do that too. Today’s health care companies must be flexible and well-positioned to respond to the changing demands and needs of the industry. As a team of former health system, marketing and branding executives, we have the deep expertise and experience to guide you on that path—because we know your customers inside out.

Our Approach

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses and learn what your company does better than anyone else in your space.
  • Assess your customer base’s needs and preferences.
  • Take a deep dive into your company and industry, assessing your current brand communications platforms as well as those of your competitors.
  • Work closely with you to identify, and if necessary, refresh your brand promise, mission and vision, ultimately advancing your unique value proposition.  
  • Develop your brand values, personality and tone.
  • Create a comprehensive positioning plan that outlines your go-to-market strategy, market penetration and long-term goals and action items.


Separate from the competition – Positioned a software company in the highly competitive Social Determinants of Health space (SDoH) to develop its unique selling proposition of bridging the gap with non-clinical services which occur outside the hospitals’ walls and elevating their brand as THE solution for connecting community-based organizations with hospitals. The strategic positioning and industry affiliations of Initium lead to increased lead generation. 
Redefine brand – Developed a new brand identity of a formerly non-profit, community hospital purchased by a for-profit health system. The previous public perception of the hospital was one of low-quality care. Under the new ownership, we helped to re-brand the hospital as a provider of top quality care, on par with other leading hospitals in the city. Branding efforts included a new tag line, signage, uniforms, logo and a comprehensive advertising and marketing campaign across the entire health system.