Insider Insights

“The pandemic has forever changed patients’ and clinicians’ perception of telehealth. What used to be seen as something for the future is happening now and we’re not putting the genie back in the bottle. It’s imperative that organizations have a high functioning, easy to access hybrid model of care that includes in person and virtual. Organizations that don’t embrace telehealth will find themselves the Blockbusters of tomorrow.”

Sam Lippolis, MPA

Director of Virtual Care

Sam Lippolis is a telehealth expert and trainer specializing in video visits, remote patient monitoring, eConsults and all aspects of virtual care. She has 12 years of telehealth planning and implementation experience with academic and large health systems.

Telehealth Is Now

The hybrid model of care is the future of healthcare delivery. It’s not in person or telehealth, it’s the combination of the two that will effectively serve our patients and communities. We provide a proven methodology to simplify the strategy, implementation and management of your telehealth services. We have over a decade of experience establishing telemedicine strategies across 19 specialties. During that time, we have trained over 3400 clinicians–from medical assistants to physicians. Using our step-by-step method, we will partner with you to quickly implement and scale a successful telehealth program the right way for clinicians and organizations.

Our proven process for success includes step-by-step methods along with templates, checklists and workflows so you can quickly and easily improve your telehealth services. We share best practices so you can elevate the human connection of video visits, remote patient monitoring, eConsults and all aspects of virtual care.​ Even in today’s connected world, healthcare organizations are struggling to reach their communities. Difficulty navigating the healthcare system, access to primary care and specialists, reduced insurance coverage and lack of clarity around healthcare costs impact their ability to effectively serve their patients. 

Initium will help your organization leverage technological innovation to address healthcare disparities. Telehealth is not a unique and distinct clinical service, it’s a way to deliver clinical care. It’s a tool in your toolbox, which provides an easy way to be more connected to your patients.


Telehealth Care Redesign

Using your organization’s strategic plan, we partner with you to assess your current state,  determine your telehealth clinical services, workflow redesign for a hybrid model of care and provide in depth implementation and training. Virtual care is more than technology. Change management is key to success and our team brings 12 years of telehealth implementation experience across 20 specialties in hospital, clinic, home, urban and rural.  

Assessment, Strategy and Implementation, Reimbursement

The experts at Initium provide a holistic telemedicine ecosystem. We will assess current needs and future goals to determine the best model for your organization. From that assessment, we will create a custom strategy which can be used to ensure your telehealth program meets the needs of both you and your patients. Finally, we will partner with you to ensure an effective, efficient implementation.

Business Model & ROI & Reimbursement

Virtual care reimbursement is a moving target. Our expertise and policy knowledge helps organizations understand the business models, ROI and reimbursements to ensure your virtual care is billing and collecting revenue.

Clinical Training for Telehealth

2020 exposed most clinicians to telehealth, but the rapid implementation did not come with comprehensive training for clinicians. National surveys have shown that telehealth clinical training is an area of need to ensure quality clinical care. We customize clinical training for your team across 20+ specialties, many care settings and multiple technical modalities.

Patient Digital Literacy Tools

Health disparities can be exacerbated by virtual care when patients don’t have the resources they need to navigate the technology. We know the importance of culturally competent tools for patients to utilize telehealth. We have templates, checklists, and patient digital literacy tools that can be customized to the needs of your organization.