Initium Health is leveraging its history of working with China. From meeting with The MOH in Beijing to partnering with the United States Trade Association (USTDA) to present to Chinese delegations on Pharmacy.

Quan Pho Presents to China Healthcare Executive Leadership Training Program

On behalf of the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) September 2019

What Initium Health Brings To China’s Health Care

China has a fragmented delivery system composed of both public and private players, in which provisions of prevention, primary care, acute and tertiary care, and rehabilitative services are separated and un-coordinated.

Initium has experience in models which align and incents multiple stakeholders to achieve common quality and financial metrics. In the U.S. most providers are in still in the early stage of the transitions in care management required to thrive. The Initium team has accumulated first hand knowledge from working with multiple payers and coordinating care in multiple states in a manner that supports patient and provider goals.

China is engendering a Hub-spoke model and establishing a two-way referral process between large hospitals and lower-tier facilities like Community Health Centers (CHC’s), however, the CHCs lack the medical resources and capacities to provide quality patient-centered care. Healthcare expansion must account for the need for more health facilities, specialized services, and care coordination at different tiers of the health system.

The Initium team, with a proven track record in developing infrastructure, providing logistics, and offering management support in care coordination across multiple organizations, can help to establish a fully integrated care delivery system in anticipation of the introduction of value-based purchasing and/or capitation model by Ministry of Health (MOH).