Hays County – The fastest growing county in the nation

Community members joined the Hays County Local Health Department and Initium Health for a visioning session to talk about what a healthy Hays County looks like.

City Receives $1.5 Million to Tackle “Behavioral Health Needs”

The City has brought in the public benefit corporation Initium Health to “lead public engagement and analyze different models of behavioral health care for Santa Monica,” officials said. Initium will kick off the process by interviewing community leaders and subject matter experts, followed in the coming months with public listening sessions.

$2M Grant from Human Resources & Services Administration Awarded for Eastern New Mexico

The Eastern Plains Council of Governments (EPCOG) has been awarded a $2M grant from the Human Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) with the collaborative efforts of United Way of Eastern New Mexico (UWENM), Initium Health, the City of Clovis, and a consortium of more than twenty entities spanning four counties: Curry, Roosevelt, De Baca, and Quay.

New Mexico Health Facility (KRQE)

Communities across county lines are coming together in hopes of building a regional behavioral health facility in eastern New Mexico. A feasibility study is being conducted in Clovis, Portales, and Fort Sumner to assess the gaps in behavioral health services and provide recommendations to fill those gaps.

Initium Health was hired to conduct the survey and is working with local healthcare providers, local government, law enforcement, schools, and more in Curry, De Baca, Roosevelt, and Quay counties.

Representatives and officials brainstorm for facility

CLOVIS – About 50 representatives of public safety, public health, behavioral health, non-profit agencies and elected officials gathered Friday to brainstorm ideas for a regional mental health facility that would serve Curry, Roosevelt, De Baca and Quay counties.

Regional behavioral health study underway for New Mexico residents to receive mental health treatment

A feasibility study is underway for a regional behavioral health facility.

Initium Health, a Denver-based consulting firm is partnering with New Mexico officials to address the ongoing mental health treatment needs of the community.

City of Clovis – Feasibility Study Awarded to Initium Health

Clovis, February 2, 2022 – For the first time in history, the Cities of Clovis and Portales, the village of Ft. Sumner and the Counties of Curry, De Baca, Roosevelt, and Quay have joined together to complete a feasibility study for a regional behavioral health facility. The facility would provide care for mental health and substance use disorders and address an unmet need for service in Southeastern New Mexico. Currently, many New Mexico residents suffering from mental health and substance use issues have a difficult time receiving the care they need.

James Corbett of Initium on Getting LatinX Population Vaccinated

‘We gotta do something about it’: New Mexico governing officials look to build behavioral health facility

NEW MEXICO, Texas (KFDA) – Governing officials and some community members in Eastern New Mexico met to look at the findings of a study that could lead to a behavioral health facility in the area.

Man Who Faced Death in 2016 Is Hoping to Inspire Others By Running Boston Marathon

Quan Pho counts every step in life as a blessing after a heart attack nearly cost him his life in 2016.

Spotlight Health: Breakthroughs on Treating Chronic Disease

As Demand Rises, Healthcare Systems, REITs Focus on Behavioral Health Facilities

HealthCare Analytics News 

Neighborhoods nationwide are facing new shocks ranging from spiking suicide rates to surging populations. Health systems can manage these swings with high-tech tools.

Harvard Gazette

Delivering the keynote speech at HMS’ fifth annual Bioethics Conference, James Corbett said that the shift from the traditional medical payment model provides an incentive for health care corporations to address broader issues, such as poverty, in their patient care. 

HIMSS 2018 Annual Conference

The Denver Business Journal


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